Quill Theatre was born in 2013 as the result of two theatre companies merging, thanks to their similar mission statements and like-minded devotion to creating theatre that celebrates the power of language.

Those two companies were Richmond Shakespeare and Henley Street Theatre.

Richmond Shakespeare has been performing Shakespeare at historic Agecroft Hall for the last 20 years. However, it traces its origins all the way back to the 1985 founding of Encore! Theatre, Inc. In 1998, Encore hosted the first Richmond Shakespeare Festival with performances in the bandshell at The Boulders before moving the Festival to its permanent home at Agecroft Hall in 1999. With the growing success of the Festival and sensing a greater desire for Shakespeare and other classics in the community, Encore! officially changed its name to Richmond Shakespeare in 2006.

Henley Street Theatre began in 2007 with the simple goal of producing quality theatre grounded in the classics, including Shakespeare. Based on the quality of its work, Henley quickly rose to become a valued member of the theatre community, winning numerous awards for main stage productions and providing a variety of educational opportunities for youth. With similar goals and growing
audiences, collaboration between Henley and Richmond Shakespeare was only natural.

Richmond Shakespeare and Henley Street Theatre formally began working toward a union in early 2013, operating together with a shared vision of fully integrating into a single entity within two years. The full merger was completed in May of 2015.

As Quill Theatre, we remain committed to our goal of producing high quality productions of Shakespeare, as well as other classic works for a modern audience. We also like to work with exciting new plays that resonate with our reverence for language, our commitment to sharing ideas and bold staging that ignites the heart and mind.

We are also committed to making our work accessible to as wide of an audience as possible. To that end, we keep our ticket prices as low as we can and offer many of our education programs at or below cost because we believe everyone should have the chance to experience live theatre.