2018/19 SEASON


Bootleg Shakespeare: King Lear
September 29th, 2018 | Free event
Libby S. Gottwald Playhouse; Dominion Energy Center

20 Actors. One Rehearsal. One Performance. No Admission! Join us as we bring back the wildly popular ‘Bootleg Shakespeare’ directed by artistic director, James Ricks. Richmond’s most beloved actors prepare their roles independently for 30 days and come together for one rehearsal and a one night only performance. Punk rock Shakespeare at its finest! Did we mention it’s free?

Gutenberg! The Musical!
Written by Scott Brown and Anthony King
October 11th - November 3rd, 2018
Club Infuzion; Scott's Addition

In this two-man musical satire, a pair of aspiring playwrights perform a backers’ audition for their new project - a big, splashy musical about Johann Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press. With an unending supply of enthusiasm, Bud and Doug sing all the songs and play all the parts with the hope that one of the producers in attendance will give them a Broadway contract – fulfilling their ill-advised dreams.

Red Velvet
Written by Lolita Chakrabarti
January 17th - February 9th, 2019

Edmund Kean, the greatest Shakespearean actor of his age, collapses on stage while performing the lead in Othello. He is replaced by a young, black actor, Ira Aldridge—a first for the role in London’s West End. As a bill in Parliament promoting the abolition of slavery sends shock waves through the streets, how will London react to his performance? This multi-award winning play transports audiences to the mid 1800’s and the turbulent backstage world of London’s Theatre Royal in Covent Garden.

Pride and Prejudice
Adapted from the novel by Jane Austen
March 7th - March 24th, 2019
Leslie Cheek Theater at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have five unmarried daughters, and the clock is ticking. When the wealthy bachelor Mr. Bingley arrives in town, Mrs. Bennet sees a perfect match for her beautiful daughter Jane. Mr. Bingley is not alone, however, and the combustible chemistry between the brooding stranger Mr. Darcy and the strong-willed Elizabeth Bennet will soon rock the family’s very foundations and change all of their destinies.

The Tempest
The 21st annual Richmond Shakespeare Festival
June 6th - June 30th, 2019
Agecroft Hall & Gardens

Prospero, the deposed Duke of Milan and now a powerful magician, raises a great storm to wreck the vessel casting his betrayers onto the shores of the mysterious island he has made his home. There, attended by his daughter, a magical sprite and a villainous prisoner, Prospero leads them through a mysterious dream on the course from vengeance to reconciliation.

The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)
Written by Adam Long, David Singer, and Jess Winfield
July 6th, 2019 at Agecroft Hall & Gardens

Back again by popular demand! This crazy comedy is an irreverent, high-speed roller coaster ride through the Bard’s plays. For the fourth year running, join our madcap trio as they weave their wacky way through Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories and Tragedies in one wild night that will leave you breathless and helpless with laughter.

Taming of the Shrew (All Female Cast)
The 21st annual Richmond Shakespeare Festival
July 11th - August 4th, 2019
Agecroft Hall & Gardens

Two wealthy sisters in Padua must be married off. The modest and beautiful Bianca has no shortage of suitors, but who on earth will take the wild, ungovernable, ‘shrewish’ Katherina? Perhaps the gold-digging Petruchio, as maddeningly strong-willed and perverse as Katherina herself, will rise to the task of bullying her to the altar. Shakespeare’s original screwball comedy shows the lengths men will go to for their legacy and what women will do to break free. This play about gender power struggle is considered the bard’s most misogynistic, but performed by an all-female cast offers an exciting new perspective.


One Hundred Years - Fall 2018

Through personal accounts from Virginian World War I soldiers, it's uncanny how they express similar sentiments. A pride in their country, a longing for home, a distaste for English tea. One Hundred Years is a story of love and war from WWI, as told through journals and letters between Sophie and Sylvester, young newlyweds from Roanoke, Virginia.

A Raven’s Heart - Winter 2019

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the great American poets whose view of the world around him is expressed through his haunting writing. We often think of Poe as a master of the macabre but who was this man who existed in the shadows? What events in his life made him paint the world around him in such dark shades? What is the root of Poe’s eternal pain? ‘A Raven’s Heart’ looks to explore the man behind the myth and the heartbreaks he lived through that lead to his beautiful writing, connecting his humble beginnings here in Richmond to the master poet he would eventually become. 

Under the Veil - Spring 2019

In the wake of the bloodiest day of the Civil War, news of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation reaches the Capital of the Confederacy. A pair of Richmond women latch onto this ray of hope. Both want to see their country reunited and slavery abolished. And yet, one woman was once the property of the other. Will Elizabeth Van Lew and Mary Elizabeth Boswer subvert the Confederate government from within the city limits? Or will their risk-taking lead to exile, imprisonment, or even execution? When an unexpected visitor arrive, these two women find themselves at a crossroads of national consequence. 


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